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Wills & Deceased Estates – Perth Probate

Our Family Law Team are highly qualified and experienced legal practitioners. Reg Biddulph heads up the Wills & Estates team. Reg was admitted to practice in 1987 and is a highly experienced solicitor. He specialises in all types of matters involving wills and deceased estates, and in 2016 was recommended Leading Wills & Estates Litigation Lawyer in Western Australia. Reg is also a member of Society of Trusts and Estate Planners (STEP) and also of the Law Society of Western Australia.

Biddulph & Turley specialise in all areas of Deceased Estates. Our experienced solicitors can provide legal advice and representation in the following areas:

    • Preparation of wills
    • informal wills;
    • construction of wills;
    • Deceased Estates (applications for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration)
    • Applications to reseal probate;
    • Disputed Wills (Challenges to Unfair wills or where the Deceased person lacked the capacity to make a will)
    • Guardian and administration matters
    • Enduring powers of Attorney
    • Family Provision applications;
    • testamentary capacity;

Perth Divorce and Family Law Specialists

At Biddulph & Turley we provide comprehensive family law advice at a reasonable price.  We are committed to helping you find legal solutions after a relationship break down.

Our Family Law Team are highly qualified and experienced Family Law practitioners, and are committed to meeting exceptional standards of professional and ethical service for their clients.

Our Partner and accredited family law specialist Lisa Turley heads our team. Lisa was admitted to practice in 1993 and has over 20 years of experience in family law. Lisa was accredited by the Law Society of Western Australia as a Family Law Specialist in 2001. The term ‘Family Law Specialist' indicates that Lisa has been accredited  as a specialist in the practice of Family Law.

Denise Quinless-Heyman was admitted to practice in 2007 and is particularly experienced in child related matters. Madeleine De Leo was admitted to practice in June 2015. Madeleine provides advice and representation in relation to all areas of Family Law including property settlement disputes, parenting disputes and divorce. Henry was admitted in December 2015 and assists in all areas of family law.