List of Deceased Estate Requirements Probate Perth

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  • The last Will of the Deceased
  • The Deceased's Death Certificate
  • Certificates of Title to all land or houses owned by the Deceased
  • All liabilities, including: – Current Local Authority (if unpaid) – Water and Land Tax Assessments – Any Other Debts
  • Details of all assets including: – Policies and current premium receipts for Insurance on: (a) Houses (b) Furniture (c) Motor Vehicles (d) Other Assets
  • Details of Life Assurance policies or superannuation policies in the name of the Deceased
  • Bank or other Financial Institution passbooks, statements, certificates, etc evidencing accounts or other deposits held by the Deceased at those Institutions
  • Share Certificates or Issuer Sponsored Statements held by the Deceased in any company
  • Motor Vehicle Licence(s).

Having this information available at the time of your first appointment will greatly assist us in preparing the Application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Please contact Biddulph & Turley if you require more information about this list.