Wills & Estates

Deceased Estates – Perth Probate

Biddulph & Turley specialise in all areas of Deceased Estates. Our experienced solicitors can provide legal advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Preparation of wills
  • informal wills;
  • construction of wills;
  • Deceased Estates (applications for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration)
  • Applications to reseal probate;
  • Disputed Wills (Challenges to Unfair wills or where the Deceased person lacked the capacity to make a will)
  • Guardian and administration matters
  • Enduring powers of Attorney
  • Family Provision applications;
  • testamentary capacity;
  • Estate planning (including, for example, documenting arrangements where parents contribute to the construction of a “granny flat” or assist a child to buy a property)
  • Full disclosure of legal costs on request.
  • removal of executors and appointment of interim administrators;
  • applications for reseal of Grants of Probates obtained overseas (“Commonwealth Countries');
  • applications for probate where deceased resident overseas and has assets in Western Australia (particularly where the deceased was a resident of Singapore, Malaysia or other Asian country)

We can prepare “standard wills” at discounted rates and more complex wills (including for second marriage situations and testamentary trusts) for a reasonable fee. Wherever possible we will give you an estimate of the fees in advance.

Biddulph & Turley offer a discounted fee for wills when you provide us with relevant information prior to making an appointment with us. Please contact our offices and request a “wills instruction sheet”.

In probate matters we offer capped legal fees, so that you will know exactly what our services will cost. Please phone us and ask for a ‘comparison of fees' that provides information about our likely fees and what a corporate trustee would charge.

Please contact Biddulph & Turley if you require more information about our Deceased Estates services or would like to make an appointment with one of our solicitors.